Preschool Necessities

Below is a list of necessities your child will need for a day at Ariah Park Preschool. Please ensure that your child has the following:

  • Paint shirt
  • Broad brimmed hat, these may be purchased from Preschool
  • One piece of fruit or vegetable, cheese, dried fruit, rice crackers, popcorn. This is cut up and shared amongst all the children on plates in the centre of each table at morning tea time.
  • A small cushion or pillow, cot sized sheet or blanket, drawstring bag about 65 x 65cm.
  • Packed lunch. NO chips, soft drink, rollups or lollies. Rule of thumb – if it looks like a lolly or chip, consider it that and please leave at home.
  • Children should be appropriately dressed. They need to wear play clothes (not their best party clothes) always keeping in mind that what they get on them, may not necessarily wash out! As we try to foster independence, please do not send your child in overalls or belts but clothes the child can get on and off themselves, and in a hurry. Shoes, boots, sneakers and sandals need to be of a type that a child can manage to get on and off by themself. We are happy to help with shoelaces. Thongs or backless shoes are not able to be secured to the feet and are unacceptable. The children are unable to climb safely and are extremely prone to tripping. During winter months, your child will need a jacket for outside and in summer, tops with sleeves (no singlet or strappy dresses). It is a good idea to always have a spare set of clothes in their school bag all year for any accidents but also in summer as we do have a lot of water play.
  • Birthdays – parents are encouraged to send or bring in a birthday cake for their child to celebrate with the other children, even if their birthday doesn’t fall on a preschool day, or occurs over the holidays. There are up to 24 children on any given day. Please check with staff prior to the day regarding food allergies.
  • Medication – please see the Medication Policy. Children with asthma or allergies MUST have the necessary medication eg puffers, epipens etc stored at preschool on a permanent basis and an action plan signed and supplied by their doctor. These will NOT be sent home daily.
  • We have lots of resources at preschool and we find toys brought in from home get lost and broken. Please keep them at home for your child to enjoy.
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