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"Our daughter LOVES preschool! She feels safe and has a lot of fun. The communication books are a wonderful touch. She loves looking at her photos and using them to tell us what she got up to during the day.”

Tamara 2016

"Ariah Park Preschool is a lovely little preschool. It is community minded and has a warm and friendly environment. The staff are always happy, friendly and helpful in any way. The preschool offers great learning resources to help the children in all their developmental areas and also makes it a fun place for the children to be.  

It offers a great Transition to School programme which helps the children have a happy and settled start into big school. My children have thoroughly enjoyed their time at this preschool.”

Julianne 2016

"Ariah Park Preschool was a wonderful nurturing environment for our 2 children to grow up with. The educators Shaz and Leanne went above and beyond to help our children, with special needs, have a healthy and positive early childhood education. Nothing was ever a problem or a challenge. They were both very much ready to tackle "big school" when the time came to transition, thanks to the varied and thorough educational program offered to the children. Beautiful happy memories were made with Ariah Park Preschool.

Renae 2016

"Ariah Park Pre School is a highly resourced , community preschool providing an early learning experience in a safe and clean environment. My 3 children attend Ariah Park Preschool between the period of 2006-2015.

The teacher's love their jobs which reflects on the care the children are given , and the love and respect the kids then give to their teachers. During my children's preschool years the teachers kept up to date with adapting current early childhood research applying to their daily practice. It is a great place for parents to get involved in various fundraising and social occasions getting to know kids and parents alike. 

Ariah Park is lucky to have such an unique Preschool giving our kids the best start they can before entering formal education.

Christina 2016

"The Ariah Park Preschool is not just a place that we send our children to get an early education. It's a place where our children are given a first class early education, in an environment of love, support and enrichment through learning based on the children's interests and passions. 

The staff at the Ariah Park Preschool are amazing and completely invested in seeing each child grown to their full potential, through individual learning plans. As a parent who was lucky to have a number of different early education options we have never questioned or thought what if ..., this is because we have witnessed this amazing growth in their educational, social, and emotional development. 100% we made the best decision for our children's educational foundations. 

This is an amazing preschool run by locals to enrich and sustain the community for the future. We are proud to say that our children were educated at Ariah Park Preschool.

Bec 2016

"Our children have loved their time at Ariah Park Preschool and we have had the peace of mind knowing they're in the best of hands. The personal devotion of the teachers is what we've appreciated most. Whether it has been making gluten free pancakes so our son doesn't feel excluded, or honest advice on his preparedness for school, the educators always have the kid's best interest at heart. We're so lucky to have such a tech savvy, nurturing, well supported preschool in our small community.

Robyn 2016
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